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Chip and R2Welcome to, a narcissistic web site containing everything you ever wanted to know about me, Chip Gagne. Have you ever thought to yourself, I wonder what Chip Gagne actually does for a living? I wonder what Chip collects? How many movies has he starred in? (None, but thanks for playing along)

Well you are not alone. Many intelligent and intellectual people have wondered the same thing. And now, thanks to, you can find answers to all those questions and more!

I started out life like many, as a baby. I grew up in Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C., where I still live today. I have always been good with computers having grown up with them in the house, so it was a natural thing to major in at college. Currently I work as a government contractor doing websites, database design, and programming. I also seem to spend much of my free time working with computers. I enjoy doing graphics and video editing, and I love photography, although I am not great at it.

So, thanks for stopping by! Browse through my site, and if you don't find an answer to that important question about me, well then it probably wasnt important after all!

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