Lego Hogwarts

My first real foray into a larger more complex lego set (although made up from a ton of smaller sets). I purchased almost every set available and created this gigantic Lego Hogwarts. It nearly filled my seven foot pool table as can be seen in the pictures, and to date is still one of my favorite all time Lego projects. I have no idea how many total pieces were used, because I used additonal pieces to join everything together, but its roughly 4020. (See the bottom for list of sets and piece count)

Combined front view of Hogwarts.

Dumbledore guards the entrance to the school.

Hagrids hut with Aragog.

Front Left Side.

Front Right Side.

Side View of the build.

Rear view showing great hall and classrooms.

Rear view including entrance hall and chamber of secrets.

Rear view including Gryffindor tower and Dumbledore's office.

This was created using the following sets:
    4701 - The Sorting Hat - 50 bricks
    4702 - The Final Challenge - 61 bricks
    4704 - The Chamber of the Keys - 180 bricks
    4705 - Snapes Class - 167 bricks
    4706 - Forbidden Cooridor - 239 bricks
    4707 - Hagrid's Hut - 298 bricks
    4709 - Hogwarts Castle - 696 bricks
    4712 - Troll on the Loose - 70 bricks
    4727 - Aragog in the Dark Forest - 183 bricks
    4729 - Dumbledores Office - 451 bricks
    4730 - Chamber of Secrets - 597 bricks
    4736 - Freeing Dobby - 73 bricks
    4757 - Hogwarts 2nd Edition - 936 bricks
    Miscellaneaus bricks to tie them together
Approximate Total Bricks: 4020 bricks

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