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I have tons of minifigures I have acquired that did not come with specific sets. Some are from Lego official figure sets, and some are handmade/MOC figures. I many below, but certainly not all. I have too many. But I will endeavor to include my favorites.

My favorite, even if its just a head. IT'S ME!!! Head will fit on any lego figure.

Han Solo
40030 = Han Mudtrooper (Free)

Obi Wan
30624 = Obi Wan 20th Lego Anniversary (Free)

Winter Soldier
5002943 - Winter Soldier (Free)

Jor El
Jor El

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Hera and Chopper
Hera and Chopper from Star Wars Rebels

Even though its a keychain, I like this metallic red that lego sent as a Valentine gift.

No idea where this came from but I like aliens.

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