Photo Albums

Bird Gallery

A gallery of bird photos I have taken over the years.


Pictures of animals I have seen in the wild. Many of these came from my parents back yard.


Photos of plants, flowers, trees and insects. Basically anything you might find in nature.

Family Pets

We have had a lot of pets over the years. Here they are in all their glory.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to see much of the country. This album has some of my travels.


Pictures of the best and most attractive family on the face of the planet.


Contrary to popular belief, I do indeed have friends. And here is the proof!

Wanted Posters

I like to have fun with photos, and decided recently I should make wanted posters for friends and family.

Photoshop Fun

Again, I really love playing with photoshop. Here are a few images I did from tutorials on the web.

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