Magics Return: Forbidden Portals

  • Date : April, 2015
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...driven out by mere mortals who coveted, but feared their power. The elves that were left behind never used their portal keys to return to M'atoi, and one dragon thinks it's important to know why.

Mei'lon likes the human species and respects their ingenuity, but there is escalating unrest on M'atoi between dragons, elves, wizards and those humans without magic. When Ad'iorn, a young elven map-maker, discovers an odd document in an abandoned house, Mei'lon is certain it's a map of the Earth Realm. If he's right someone has found a way through the locked portals.

The dragon council refuses to see the danger. What one can do, so can others. If they won't act, then Mei'lon will. B'ietsu, the daughter of his peron'i is half elf, half wizard. She has always been fascinated by the stories of the Earth Realm. Her special ability to sense emotions makes her the perfect choice to go with Ad'iorn and investigate what became of the elves they left behind.

This undertaking holds danger for them in both worlds, because no one knows what lies on the other side of the forbidden portals

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