Magics Return: A True Wizard

  • Date : May, 2015
  • Availability : Available at Amazon in Paperback, and E-Book everywhere


and Shen, Mark and Trouble now find themselves trapped on M'atoi after following Bitsy through the portal. Only Mei'lon, the dragon who secretly sent her to the Earth Realm, can get them home again, but first they have to reach him.

After a run-in with a silver dragon, they are befriended by a young wizard named Cynric who offers aid. Bitsy doesn't trust him, but Shen likes his fellow wizard. And in a world filled with magic, Shen's powers are growing quickly. He needs another wizard to help him learn control.

As the only one without magic, Mark feels left out until he's given items infused with magic. He needs that protection because someone is fostering dissent between the native elves and wizards.

Mei'lon believes a dragon named Ton'zi may be responsible, but with the dragon leader missing, Mei'lon is struggling to prevent the others from going to war.

It's going to take a true wizard to get Shen and Mark home again.

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