Magics Return: Dragon Honor

  • Date : September, 2015
  • Availability : Available at Amazon in Paperback, and E-Book everywhere


...and social media is alive with the photos and videos to prove it. Now that Ton'zi and his followers have learned to create portals, there is nothing to stop them from claiming the Earth Realm as their private hunting grounds. Nothing except Mei'lon and what's left of the Dragon Council.

Shen, Bitsy, Mark, Cynric and Trouble followed Ton'zi back to Earth, but if military missiles can't stop a dragon, what can they do? Shen's powers continue to grow, yet even with the help of the powerful, but dead, dragon who created the portals, they see no way to stop the carnage. Dragons, elves and wizards are at war in both realms.

It's going to take a dragon's honor to prevent a total cataclysm.

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