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A.A.: Montgomery Community College, Rockville Campus, Computer Science/Business Programming, 1991


Over twenty-three years experience in the computer industry field as a programmer, web designer, database manager, and as a technician. Current job responsibilities include the design, development, support and hosting of secure database-driven websites and database applications for a variety of clients and uses. Development platforms include Active Server Pages, HTML, XML, Adobe Flash, CFML, JavaScript, and Java. For hosting, responsibilities include experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2003,Windows XP and Windows 2000 using IIS, MS Access, and MS SQL Server. Also responsible for making websites and Adobe Acrobat documents compliant to Section 508 requirements. Serve multiple clients' needs for website updates, revisions, and enhancements using Visual Studio, Flash, Cold Fusion, XML, and other state-of-the-art tools for website development. Also developed projects in Visual Basic, Access, Delphi, and Clipper. In addition, have been providing graphic support for several clients using InDesign, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Visio, and PowerPoint.


• Possess an excellent working knowledge of the following applications: Visual Studio, Cold Fusion Studio, Flash, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Access, SQL Server, Delphi, Clipper and the dBase programming languages

• Professional training in C and Cobol, Visual Basic, Java, Access, and UNIX


Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
June 1991 to Present

From 4/01 to Present
Currently working on several projects for the Department of Energy and other clients. These include developing and maintaining numerous interactive websites, databases, and other programs such as a website to assist displaced DOE workers in obtaining career guidance and support finding new work opportunities. In addition, Mr. Gagne maintains the web server hardware and software for Germantown, and provides graphic and other computer and non-computer support as needed. Additionally, Mr. Gagne performs work for several clients in Excel, Word, Photoshop, Visio, and other software packages. Mr. Gagne is also responsible for converting documents to meet Section 508 requirements for the visually impaired.

From 8/00 to 04/01
Provided part-time support for ongoing web development and database efforts.

From 4/94 to 8/00
Worked on numerous web systems projects for the Department of Energy such as the Materials Disposition Homepage, Aviation Incident Reporting System, a web-based comment tracking system for environmental impact statements, and many others. These systems ranged in complexity and some were developed as cross-platform applications so that they may be directly worked with from the LAN as well as the web.

From 2/93 to 4/94
Worked as the Senior Computer Technician in the Reston office. Responsibilities included hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair for all computers and peripherals on and off site including an on site Novell Network. I was also in charge of maintaining and programming code for hardware and software tracking as well as code for logging time on machines in Clipper.

From 6/91 to 2/93
Worked as a technical assistant in the Germantown offices, responsible for hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of all computers and peripherals. Also in charge of ordering hardware, software and supplies.

8/00 to 4/01

Worked as a Web Architect for a small company in Herndon, Virginia. Responsibilities included setting up complete web systems, including developing web sites, establishing the servers and routers, and establishing VPN access to the servers. Additional responsibilities included setting up and maintaining F5 load balancing equipment, as well as Domain Name Servers.

Carlo's Video
5/90 to 6/91 and 7/86 to 8/88

Worked from July 1986 through August 1988 as a clerk responsible for balancing cash drawers and retail sales/rentals. From May 1990 through June 1991, worked as a manager/clerk. Responsibilities included opening and closing routines, balancing cash drawers, video transfers and retail sales and rentals.

Montgomery County Public Schools - Department of Computer Related Instruction
9/88 to 5/90

Worked as a technical assistant and was responsible for implementation and maintenance of computer networks for instructional use and the maintenance and installation of computers and their peripherals. Also instructed Montgomery County schoolteachers on the IBM disk operating system.

Computer Outfitters
7/88 to 9/88

Worked as a clerk/technician. Responsibilities included retail sales of IBM clone computer systems, peripherals and software as well as assembling and repairing clone systems.


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